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1. What is the role of the Government with these societies ?

The Government Administers these societies under the control Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Housing Department in accordance with the Provisions under Central Reg., of Co-operative Societies Act 2002 (39 of 2002) ()

2. How to avail the services rendered by the society ?

You can just walk in to the society to avail the services by becoming a member.

3.What is the procedure to become member of the society ?.

You have to collects Form No-16 to become ‘A-?Class member of the society and requisite membership forms for becoming associate member which are available with the society for different services rendered by the society.

4. Who is ‘A-?Class Member ?

A-Class Member of the society will have voting power as well as entitled to contest for the elections to the Board of Directors of the society. Further ‘A-?class member alone can participate in the proceedings of General Body Meeting.

5. Who is an Associate Member and what is his role in the society?

Persons interested in the property to be mortgaged to the society will be admitted as Associate Members who will be co-applicant to the loan. They can also avail the services like availing Jewel Loan / Fixed Deposit / buying plots.

6. What is the value of per share and entrance fees?.

The Value per share is Rs.100 and Entrance fees is Rs.10/- and associate member admission fee is Rs.5/-

7. Who are the Management of the Society?

The Management shall vest with president and 7 Board of Directors elected by the members of the society.