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Advantages of living in Villa

Advantages of living in Villa

People nowadays are likely to get villas to have a peaceful stay,
Let's see the advantages of living in a villa... [Read More]

8 House-hunting mistakes you should avoid

8 house-hunting mistakes you should avoid

There is a lot to go through if you are planning to buy a new home. In case you are looking forward to buy a house, then there is a huge investment involved; in fact, one of your life’s biggest investments... [Read More]

Home Loans in India - A Guide for Home Buyers

Everyone wants to own a house of their own. It is considered as one of the biggest achievements in a man’s life. But in today’s market, the cost of owning a house is soaring up really fast. [Read More]

Apartment Vs Independent: Home Find Your Ideal Home

Selecting a property at a wonderful location is often a huge challenge. A better location would fetch appreciation on your investments. Owning an apartment or an independent house, both have their pros and cons. [Read More]

10 Ways to Raise Your Neighborhood's Value

Decorating our home does not make it a complete home. We focus on the décor, walls, ambience of the house much more than anything else. We thing this to be the only criteria for making it beautiful and appealing, but it is not. [Read More]

Different ways to calculate maintenance charges in the housing society

You own an apartment but have you ever wondered about how the maintenance charge is calculated. Most of the homeowners have a misconception and they do not know the exact way of this calculation. [Read More]

What to see while buying a plot?

Property investment has always attracted everyone as they give better returns over other investing options. Buying a plot of land is a rewarding purchase but it has become a messy and tricky process nowadays... [Read More]

Why buy a property in Chennai

You are here looking for the reasons about why to invest in properties in Chennai! If you are looking to invest in properties, then Chennai is one of the places to look out for. [Read More]

How to Eliminate Small Business Debt

Eliminating business debt is just like getting rid of a personal debt. Being crushed by debt is always a worse feeling, be it of any type. To ensure the overall financial health of your business, it is important that you manage these small [Read More]

Investing in real estate vs investing in Mutual Funds

Money is the driving force of people. Thus, it becomes important to make a wise decision while dealing with money. People are investing in many places nowadays like equity, real estate, share market, mutual funds, gold, bonds etc. [Read More]

Top Five Rules to Follow When Taking a Loan

So many things have changed with technology including the finance and banking sector. Today it’s not really a big deal to get a phone call, a mail or an SMS that offers a personal loan. [Read More]

How to Avoid Creating Credit Card Debt

You start feeling grown up the moment your credit card gets issued. You are filled with a sense that you have power over your own expenses but what many people fail to realize is that[Read More]

10 Tips to Save Money When You Have Low Income

A low income is not something unusual. But high or low, everyone can manage and still save money for the future. Living from paycheck to paycheck has become a common way of living, though it[Read More]

5 Quick Actions You can do today to change your...

One of the most exciting things a person can do with his life is to build wealth for the future. The entire process is engaging, exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The benefits of [Read More]

What is Stamp Duty for Property Registration?

With the increasing progress of the youth of the country, the first investment option for most people is real estate. For that, the registry of a property under one’s own name is mandatory. Transferring of [Read More]

5 Things you must check before buying a plot

Buying land or plot has become a premium thing in today’s world, especially in the big cities. As there is a scarcity of commodity for land and obviously, there is a pride associated with having [Read More]

5 Unknown Benefits of Recurring Deposit

A recurring deposit is a special type of deposit that allows the users to save a fixed amount of money at regular interval of time. Generally, this scheme is offered by both bank and post [Read More]

How is fixed Deposit better than any other Investment?

There are a lot of financial and insurance products available in the market wherein you can invest and receive higher returns on your investments. Among that fixed deposit is a pure investment product wherein you [Read More]

10 Personal Finance Habits – Everyone Should Follow

Spending money wisely can always be tricky. You do make a lot of money, money that suffices your needs, but do you use it wisely and not regret it? Let us tell you some aspects [Read More]

5 Important Steps to Follow – First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a huge step, emotionally and financially. Before arriving at your final decision you need to take in a lot of factors into serious consideration. But, also keep in mind this [Read More]

10 Benefits of Fixed Deposit Investment

The need for saving for future is an inevitable requirement in life. You may not know when life takes a twist raising demand for a lump sum. Most people opt a retirement plan or insurance [Read More]

5 Benefits of Investment in Recurring Deposits

Commercials about the mutual funds, insurances schemes, and other private financial investments flood our television daily, but they are all subjected to market risks. So how do we make short term and long term safe [Read More]

Vastu Shastra for Residential Apartments

When deciding to buy an apartment, you might have looked closely at aspects like proximity to workplace, amenities, budget and even plan out the look and feel of your interiors. Have ever thought about the [Read More]