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How to Avoid Creating Credit Card Debt

You start feeling grown up the moment your credit card gets issued. You are filled with a sense that you have power over your own expenses but what many people fail to realize is that with great power comes great responsibility. Due to the lack of this wisdom comes a pile of credit card debt.

Any person who carries a credit card also carries the risk of huge credit card debt. It can cause a lot of damage to a person’s entire lifestyle and if this debt piles on, it can take years to repay. So, in order to save yourself from all this trouble, let us take a look at how you can avoid creating a tonne of credit card debt.

Keep Your Affordability In Mind

Whenever you shop, keep your affordability in mind. When you can’t afford to pay something in cash, remember, more often or not, you are not able to afford it at all. Therefore, don’t commit the error of adding things that seem too expensive to your credit card.

Staying On Track

At any cost, avoid missing any credit card payments. Once you miss out one payment, it adds up to the next slot and the amount adds up along with some extra charges in the form of late. A situation comes when you are struggling to make both ends meet and you will be helpless.

Then you will be tempted to use the credit card for almost all expenses and this will add to your already existing debt. Therefore, stay on track and make timely payments.

Avoid Transfer Of Balance

Sometimes when you see a profit in the interest rates, you can get tempted to transfer the balance. Unless a massive profit is in line, do not transfer balance as you will be left with transfer charges along with debt.

Look Out For Any Warning Signs

Most of the people get into credit card debt because they are usually unaware when they are on the verge of going off track. If you are able to identify the danger signs you can get back on track when before you even start to lose to debt.

Once you are unable to pay the full balance, you should know that it’s time to cut down some expenses.

Don’t Let Anybody Else Use Your Card

Even though the person might be a trusted friend, when you lend your credit card, you lose control over the spending limit. They can spend as they like. If unfortunately, the other person is unable to pay off the balance then the responsibility comes on you.

Worst case scenario, if they make unexpected expenses, you will have to pay the price.


The credit card is a payment method that has been introduced for enhancing your comfort and convenience. If you use it judiciously. it is a great boon but if you exploit it, the debt that follows can be your worst nightmare.

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