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5 Benefits of Investment in Recurring Deposits

Commercials about the mutual funds, insurances schemes, and other private financial investments flood our television daily, but they are all subjected to market risks.

So how do we make short term and long term safe investments with our hard earned money?

If you are looking for a secure and promising investment option with banks, consider Recurring Deposits – known as RD.

They are quite simple and straightforward and one of the best choice for short-term investments.

Recurring deposits are Deposit schemes In which the investor deposits a set amount every month over a predefined tenure which generally varies from one year to five years.

The prime attraction being, you do not have to invest a huge amount all at once, a portion of your monthly salary can be easily saved by investing in this scheme. Normally, a good interest is calculated on a quarterly compounding basis for recurring deposits.


  • Smart short-term investment: if you wish to accumulate a certain amount of money for the vacation you are planning for the year-end or other important needs of your life, RD will be the best option. It is comparatively risk-free besides guaranteed returns.
  • Easy operations: the process of opening, operating and closing an RD is quite simple. You may also open multiple RD. With most banks offering attractive packages, the choices are also wide.
  • Trouble-free Access and Operation: Think about making an investment and earning interest without even having to leave your home – investing in a Recurring Deposit is as easy as this. These days the procedures are made available online so you can avoid visiting your bank personally. The customer can deposit money in Recurring Deposit account, close the RD account, open another RD, update information, view transactions, deposit details and so much more online.
  • High Interests Rates: Recurring Deposit interest rates depend on the tenure and deposit amount. Similar to that of fixed deposits, interest rates for RD vary from 7.25% to 9% depending on the bank and the plan chosen by the customer. But we at CACHS we are offering 11%
  • Safe and Assured Returns: RD schemes come with guaranteed returns and the rate of interest for RD is locked in which will protect the investor from interest rate swings.
  • Flexible Recurring Deposit: Some banks offer flexible RD schemes where you will not be penalized if the amount is not deposited during a particular month. In this scheme, you will be able to withdraw the amount from your RD account anytime you want.

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