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Investing in real estate vs investing in Mutual Funds

Money is the driving force of people. Thus, it becomes important to make a wise decision while dealing with money. People are investing in many places nowadays like equity, real estate, share market, mutual funds, gold, bonds etc.

Investment is not an impulsive action but a steady process that needs opinion and time to think. Investment in all the places is not necessary. It is a wild way of making wealth.

People fall drastically if money decision is not taken properly. Not only this, but during a different period of time, another sector may turn fruitful.

People are barbaric when it comes to business. The modern approach of business is to do it smartly and steadily. Investment is a onetime action, so it must be done with a peace of mind.

The data and the information provided about real estate and mutual funds would give a clear idea that which is a better investment and how money can be invested without risking your assets.

Real Estate Vs Mutual Fund investment

There are various sectors where money can be made, but most people do it in two major fields. One is Real Estate and the other is mutual funds. Orthodox belief has always dominated our society. People have a common belief that mutual funds are safer and sure sort way to become rich. But this notion is not true.

The yearly return in mutual fund is 12 percent, but when it comes to real estate the annual return is 20 to 23 percent. It means that the rate of your property gets doubled in somewhere around 5 years. That’s an amazing figure.

Nowadays the rates of the land are touching skies. Hardly is there anything whose rate is rising so steeply. Wise investors are making their big move. Business giants are investing big gulp of money in the Real estate because they know how profitable it might be.

Making a housing complex or making a paying guest house can generate recurring revenue to your bank account. This is a concept of passive income. Thus, it is real estate that gives you the option to number of things.

On the other hand, when it comes to mutual funds it depends upon the condition of the stock market. Nowadays, economic crashes are common. Recently, it was visible when the stock rates fell drastically.

However, the returns are very much limited whereas the investment is big. But when it comes to real estate, the growth is optimum and sometimes excellent. It cannot be said that mutual funds do not give any return. They do but not as good as real estate investment.

Most of the business giants never invest in the mutual fund because giants don’t play safe. Also, their perception of future growth is great. It is observed that most of the money magnets are generating money easily due to their earlier investment in Real Estate. The seeds that they sowed are giving fruitful results.

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