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Vastu Shastra for Residential Apartments

When deciding to buy an apartment, you might have looked closely at aspects like proximity to workplace, amenities, budget and even plan out the look and feel of your interiors.

Have ever thought about the pros and cons of the position and direction of the construction?

Yes, there’s a lot of construction aspects one must look into before buying or planning your apartment because it has great potential to influence your life. This science is the Indian system of architecture more often known as Vastu Shastra.

This science is the Indian system of architecture more often known as Vastu Shastra.

It is an ancient belief which associates directions and laws of nature and how they affect human dwellings.

Just like individual plots and houses, these laws are applicable to multi-storied residential structures too.

Some of the most common tips are shared to simplify your planning and decision-making process. These Vastu tips for flats are ideal for healthy and happy living.

  • Basic Structure: the building and flat must be square or rectangle in shape with every room having four corners. The ideal height of the rooms is 12-14 feet. Do not choose the flat if its main door opens to the left. Large open space around your building is advisable.
  • Main Entrance: Entrance from north, northeast, and east are considered to bring in a good flow of positive energy. In case your main entrance door opens in a different direction, consider placing a Ganesha/Buddha statue or picture on the wall opposite to the door, inside your home.
  • Drawing Room: East and north-west direction with maximum furnishing done towards south and west direction is best for your living space. Have minimum furnishing on the east side.
  • Bedrooms: It’s advisable to have the bedrooms on the south-west corner (master bedroom) and north-west corner (children’s room or guest room) in the flat and preferably have the windows towards the north so that infrared sun rays are minimised.
  • Kitchen: Try to avoid kitchen in the northeast direction. South-east is the correct location for the kitchen. The gas hub should be towards east. Water taps towards the north or north-eastern direction. Toilets should not be adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Balcony: it is best to have balcony towards the east or north which will bring in a lot of morning sun rays energizes the living atmosphere. In case you have windows and balcony doors towards west, try to balance the positive energy in the house using crystals or Vastu Yantras positioned appropriately.
  • Pooja Room: every house must have a pooja room preferably towards a north-east direction. While praying, you must face towards east.
  • Study Room: It is auspicious to have your study room positioned near pooja room according to vaastu. North-east, north, north-west is the ideal location.
  • Bathroom & Toilets: Bath rooms should be in west or south with drains flow in the north-east.
  • Store Room: is preferred to be at Southern part of the building.

These are some of the basic rules in vaastu shastra. However, it is not quite possible to always fund an apartment with all the right vastu positioning.

However, it is not quite possible to always fund an apartment with all the right Vastu positioning.

Some of these errors in layout can be corrected by using energy balancers as advised in vastu shastra. Consult your builder and a vastu expert to plan your apartment accordingly.

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